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Changing Wedding Culture -

“Happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”

Marriage is known as a partnership between a man and a woman which is coupled with affection and devotion about each other.
It is an occasion where family members, relative and friends celebrate the togetherness of the couple at a grand level.
With the advancement of technology, weddings have also gone under transitions.

Technology is in a state of evolution and staying up to date with it is irresistible! In many ways, it has changed our lives, and how we prepare and embrace weddings is no exception.

Changing wedding culture
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The situation of people has changed due to the extreme path we are being moved by technology. Access to digital knowledge, function and communication with others have gained control over time. And you see that the two realms have a lot of similarities when you take a glance at the broader developments in both technology and the wedding industry.

Conventionally, the improvement of the wedding industry has been assumed as inevitable even though worldwide marriage rates have dropped. The reason behind this statement is that even though fewer marriages occur, increasing expenses on weddings have increased revenue.
And, too with the social media wedding industrial complex and the demand to pull off a lavish, grand-scale occasion, expenses have also risen.

And, too with the social media wedding industrial complex and the demand to pull off a lavish, grand-scale occasion, expenses have also risen.
In older days, weddings used to take place at homes or in a community hall, but nowadays, destination weddings have become a trend.

Also, a small and sophisticated ceremony with close friends and family with other relatives joining the wedding through online platforms is preferred by the couple rather than the grand wedding with hundreds of people.
Technology has played a vital role in this, now your distant relatives can enjoy a wedding ceremony on video calls and social media platforms. With this way, guests can engage in the functions through their drawing rooms only.

The mode of shopping dresses and jewellery has also altered, currently, everything can be bought online without spending hours in the market.

Invitation cards have also undergone digitalisation. E-invitations have gained popularity among people. Now, the invitation can be sent on mobile phones with ease and no extra efforts.

Formerly, people would hire a single cameraman to cover the whole wedding ceremony, but now photographers and professional equipment are given the contract to shoot pre-wedding, post- weddings, behind the scenes and other forms of videos to capture each and every moment.

“In the end, it’s all about marrying the person you love, so at least you get to do that.”

And we know that technology has become a part of our lives and has revolutionized the wedding industry. This has somehow helped to ease the struggle of management but has also created a distance between people.

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